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Marriage and Family Matters in Logan, UT is dedicated to the long-term success of you and your family through family and marriage counseling. No matter what challenges, betrayals, sorrows, or hurts you've experienced, we believe there is hope for every family that seeks it. Through our clinical experience and practice, we can help your family have the life it craves. Give us a call at 435-363-7317 to find out more about our available services:

* Marriage Counseling
* Family Counseling
* Parenting Support
* Premarital Counseling
* Stress Management
* Pornography Addiction Recovery
* Conflict Resolution
* Depression Therapy
* Anxiety Therapy

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Marriage Counseling Logan UT

When a crisis occurs, we may need more help than friends and family can offer. Marriage and Family Matters (MFM) is a marriage counseling center in Logan offering help and hope. Love is always bigger than any problem we face, but in order for love to work, there needs to be trust, communication, and honesty. At MFM, we provide solutions and therapy for individuals, couples, and families!

Our services include family therapy, parenting support, marriage counseling, individual therapy, family counseling, depression, anxiety, stress management, therapy for teens, adolescent therapy, sex addiction, lust addiction, conflict resolution, pornography addiction, pornography addiction recovery, pre-marital counseling, and more. You can also go online to see more about our available services at http://www.mymarriageandfamilymatters.com/index.html .

At Marriage and Family Matters in Logan, UT, we can help you with any issue getting in the way of peace, happiness, and the true nature of the family. Through radical acceptance, honesty, communication, forgiveness, growth, and love, we can help you overcome even the most hurtful obstacles. Insurances accepted include Regence Blue Cross, Magellan, Coventry, Aetna, and MultiPlan. Call 435-363-7317 to speak to us about reduced payment options and schedule an appointment today!

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Marriage Counseling Logan UT

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